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9th November 2013

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Ben Affleck on the internet’s reaction to the Batman announcement (x)

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30th October 2013

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19th August 2013

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Even straight girl gets vibes turns lesbian from this for Kat Dennings.

27th April 2013

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22nd April 2013

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Two titties diverged in a wood. One has more bronzer. I chose the one less trampled on.
— Willam  (via corenylife)

22nd April 2013

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22nd April 2013

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How old are you?


Are you old enough for me to call you a stupid bitch? Or should I wait a few years?

21st April 2013

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21st April 2013

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20th April 2013

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  • Kingsley: Can you please come up with relevant baby names.
  • Willam: You're wearing a Britney shirt and HER kid's names are Tater Tot and Cheeto.